BarteredTime • Your craft is your currency
At BarteredTime, your craft is your currency    
Finally put that hidden talent to use.
Trade your unique skills for services from trained experts.
Free Expert Services Free Expert Services Life is expensive. But with BarteredTime, it doesn’t have to be. Find a DJ for your wedding, fulfill your lifelong dream to learn to fence, or find a graphic designer to create a new logo for your business. Whatever you need, we got you covered--all without paying a cent.
Work with Awesome Talent Work with Awesome Talent Now you can be one of those people who says, “Oh I have a guy (or a girl) for that.” By bartering within a community of like-minded, vetted members you have unlimited access to trustworthy services and talented gurus.
Located in NYC Located in NYC What better place to start BarteredTime than in a city overflowing with hustling entrepreneurs, world-class performers, and talented creatives? We pride ourselves on actually getting to know our members and provide personalized support. We may even request one of your services for ourselves!
We are a cooperative that thrives on creating meaningful and beneficial connections--and making life just a little more fun.
Our Story The idea for BarteredTime came about while having dinner here in NYC with my friend Kyle, an excellent musician. I teased him about needing a haircut. He mentioned he had just traded a guitar lesson for a fresh trim. He planned on collecting from that barter the following day.

That conversation, along with others like it, inspired me to help bring people together in a similar frugal way.
Ron Moore, Founder
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