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At BarteredTime, your craft is your currency

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BarteredTime is a community full of curious, talented people that have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for life. We believe that sharing is caring and that your skills are far more valuable than your bank account. That is why we’re kickin’ it back to the good ol’ bartering system, where you earn credits, or what we like to call “Solids,” every time you provide a service. Redeem your Solids on a piano lesson, a photo shoot, or a weight training session. The possibilities are endless. Do yourself a solid and sign up now. (hyperlink to sign up page)

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I have really enjoyed both sharing my services teaching guitar and using services from other members. It is a whole new currency and pay it forward way of experiencing life in NYC. Plus I have met some great people!
- Joshua DeAngelo, MGT Group
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