BarteredTime • Your craft is your currency
Trust & Safety

For the BarteredTime concept to work, our fellow members must trust our system and feel safe using it. To help, we’ve instituted some things to ensure you're able to Barter Smarter!

Member Support: Get help anytime from our dedicated customer support team. They're living, breathing, kind-hearted humans here to help you solve BarteredTime-related issues. Just email and we’ll get back to you pronto!

Dispute Resolution: While they rarely happen, our team gets involved in all disputes to make sure they’re resolved quickly and fairly.

Member Reviews: Reputation is everything and our goal is to help you find the perfect expert! We provide detailed individual profiles and track our experts’ reviews and traffic to give you BarterSuccess Scores.

Member Chat: Want to feel things out before deciding to barter? No worries! Our messaging platform allows you to chat with other experts before booking their service.